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2020 Schedule

All group clinics for 2020 are cancelled due to COVID precautions.
Private training and lessons only.
We look forward to 2021 being a better year! Stay safe!


Do you have a venue to suggest for a clinic? Let us know! Custom clinics/workshops can be arranged out of state.

Anyone interested in participating in a clinic please email for detailed agenda, questions and Enrollment Form which must be filled out and sent in w/ deposit to save your clinic spot.

Addresses will not be listed on this website but will be given to those signing up for or auditing the clinics.

***Marcie currently has openings to take horses in training at her facility in Central Florida***

Stalls are first call, first serve so get your name on the waiting list soon even if you or your horse will not be ready for a few months. Feel free to email and ask any questions or to request references.  Owners are always welcome to visit their horses anytime, while in training, and are required to take lessons to ensure consistency in what the horse is learning. Any breed, any discipline, any purpose!

The open, airy barn is made up of 7 stalls that are a whopping 10’ x 22’ in size! Six, separate, grassy paddocks adorn the front half of the property where horses can graze all night, each with a run-in stall. Trails await straight from the barn and just minutes from a State Park with miles of trail riding!

If you’ve been thinking about putting your horse in training, this is the place. But, why here? Speaking with satisfied customers is the best way to find out. Marcie “customizes” a program for each horse and owner. Feel free to email and ask for references. Testimonials are also available, bearing comments from clientele.

Equine education in general:
**Starting young horses under saddle with a proper, solid foundation.
**Developing and finishing a young or older horse.
**Solving problems.
**Or, you may just be looking for some experienced, balanced, uncomplicated, reliable advice. Marcie’s understanding of equine psychology along with her diverse experience makes her approach sometimes different than other typical trainers. Email or call for a consult.

**Are you having some trouble on the trail with your horse having anxiety, wanting to “compete” with other horses to be up front or showing any kind of unwanted behavior? This is one of Marcie’s specialties! Trail riding is supposed to be fun and relaxing but, it isn’t if your horse is anxious, tense or unpredictable. Please do yourself and your horse a favor and learn how to fix it. Are you ready? Marcie will take you on “training trail rides” to show you how to handle the anxious, competitive or spooky horse. (Fact: Most people do not handle this problem correctly, therefore, not solving or even exacerbating the issue.) Contact for more details.

PRIVATE LESSON DAYS: (Local, private lessons w/ Marcie)
If you live far away, Marcie can travel to your location. If you can get 4-6 people together in your area to share and participate in a semi-private lesson day, each person can take a turn for their own private lesson while the others sit and observe or can work as a group. Trip fee depends on distance. Marcie also flies out-of-state for training days or clinics, upon request. Each instance is a private treaty.  Please email for more info or to schedule a lesson day in your area!

Learn how horses think, feel, act, play, associate, communicate, perceive and why they respond the way they do in different situations. Quite possibly one of the most important and enlightening clinics you could ever attend! This is a non-riding clinic. Participants will learn to study, evaluate, diagnose & interpret horses for their personalities, body language, behavior issues, etc… So you thought you knew something about horses?

What will be covered in this clinic?
*Relaxation *Bits *Saddle Fit *Rein usage *Attitude *Position *Energy *Gait recognition *Technique *Timing *Cadence, rhythm, tempo *Impulsion *Collection *Frame & Headset *Simulations
This one is VERY popular! Limit 10 riders.

Build, improve & maintain perfect ground manners. Advance your skills, safety & confidence. Behavior modification. Limit 10

One of Marcie’s most popular clinics! YOU CAN REQUEST A T.L.C. AT YOUR LOCATION. This will change the way you think about loading any horse from now on. This works! Ask for feedback or references from those that have had their horses retrained by Marcie! It’s not about the trailer. Find out “the secret”. Only one horse per day. Unlimited auditors welcome! 

* Have you said or heard this before? My horse is great, except...
* Do you suffer from fear or lack of confidence?
* Do you simply want to improve ground manners with your horse?
* Want to learn some advanced, more fluid riding techniques with “feel“?
* Having trailer loading issues?
* Want to know WHY things do or don‘t work?
* Would you like to pursue a training/teaching career?
* You name it , Marcie can help!

CLINICS: Please email your requests

*PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOR -foundation of understanding horses…reading/interpreting behavior
*GROUND CONTROL -where communication, understanding and success begins!
*CLIPPING- that thing that many horses hate. Lets change that!
*WEANLINGS/YEARLINGS -what to do w/ these little guys! Manners, exercises, etc…
*TRAILER LOADING -will change the way you think about loading any horse!
*GAITED HORSES -Finally! A really good (and different) gaited horse clinic!
*ADVANCED RIDING -stuff you’ve always wanted to learn!
*DRESSAGE MADE SIMPLE -Love dressage but frustrated with complexities ...Simplify it and keep it natural!
*OPEN LESSON DAY- No agenda. Whatever you want will be covered; on the ground or in the saddle. Limit 8 riders. Any breed or discipline.


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