When I was just months old, my mother would secure me in front of her in the saddle, on a pillow and set out on the trails, eventually putting the reins in my own little hands. Shortly thereafter, I would follow on my own horse or pony. Over the years we have racked up countless hours on trails. The earlier years were spent primarily on gaited horses in the soft rolling hills of Central Kentucky, in the heart of Thoroughbred country. Being raised on a farm allowed me to always be around broodmares, foals, starting two year olds; horses seven days a week. What better school than the school of hands-on experience?

As time went on, my fondness for horses developed into improved riding ability, skill and varied style. Around age ten I started taking dressage & jumping lessons. My instructor said I had "natural ability" and encouraged me to pursue my talents in the show ring. Even at such a young age I was serious about horses, not taking lessons just for fun but, to improve and become proficient at it.

Then came styles such as western pleasure, halter, showmanship, versatility, trail, saddle seat equitation & english pleasure. Over the years, I have spent numerous hours in the saddle riding almost every breed imaginable, learning every riding style that I could and putting them to the test in the show ring. At age fifteen I got my first paying job to start a two year old. I had been starting two year olds for some time but, this was my first taste of income. Three months later, this filly was in the show ring, I had made some money and I knew that this was what I wanted to do for a living!

After moving to South Florida, I found myself working at a Polo & Equestrian Center. It was around this time that I got an opportunity to choreograph and participate in a drill team presentation. Six ladies on horseback and we were the hit of the show. The standing ovation furthered my desire to continue my equine education.

A short time later a friend shared some videos with me of a horseman I was unfamiliar with at the time. I was so impressed with the training concepts and techniques that I started to incorporate them right away. The results were amazing and have had a significant bearing on my training career. I have ever since incorporated equine psychology and natural horsemanship concepts and techniques into my programs having now learned from several great horsemen. I have taken on many problem horses with successful results, focusing on the whole horse; physically, mentally and emotionally.

On top of growing up with and having natural ability and experience with horses, I've had the elite opportunity to learn from the best and most trusted horsemen known nationally and internationally for their success with horses. My education is an ongoing process therefore, I continually polish my existing knowledge of safe and effective horsemanship.

Disciplines I have trained and shown in:

  • Dressage
  • Hunter/Jumper
  • English/Western Pleasure
  • Saddle Seat
  • Halter/Showmanship
  • Driving
  • Versatility
  • Trail
Breeds I have worked with:
  • TWH, RH, SSH, MFT, Paso
  • Rocky/Kentucky Mountain
  • QH, Paint, Thoroughbred
  • Saddlebred, Morgan, Arabian
  • Andelusian, Lusitano, Friesian
  • Mangalarga Marchador, Mustang
  • Warmbloods, Draft, Cleveland Bay
  • Ponies, And many crosses!

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