Gaited Horses Naturally

Marcie grew up riding Tennessee Walking, Racking, Spotted Saddle, Rocky & Kentucky Mountain horses. She has competed in all facets of the gaited world including Model, Pleasure Show Classes, Versatility and Trail.

Marcie's approach to training gaited horses is quite different than most gaited horse trainers. The reason for this is the balanced combination of principles she uses from natural horsemanship and classical dressage. Her reputation precedes her. She is known for helping gaited horses and owners develop and improve gait without the typical, conventional aids so commonly used in the 'Walking horse world' such as heavy shoes, unnatural hoof angles, long shanked bits, tight nose bands, etc…. Marcie focuses on quality foundation training principles to properly develop a horse's frame, natural way of going and headset.

Experience....       Feel....       Timing....

You can square up your pacey horse and lateralize your trotty one!

What are YOU looking for? Do you want a quiet, safe, easy to manage, trail horse that you could also take into the show ring? Do you care about quality, detail and a good relationship with your horse? Then you have found the right person! Please email or call with your questions or for a personal consult with your horse. Check out the CLINICS page for upcoming dates with Marcie for this year and next.

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