Feedback from Clients & Clinics

I am very impressed with the information I got from Marcie's clinic. She used simulations that I had never seen before, to help with things from basic horsemanship to very finished activities with your horse. I have had a unique challenge with my horse for many years. Many people have tried to help but none have had the tools to improve my horse or me. Not only did Marcie have new things for me to try [that actually worked] but she took the time to make sure I understood why and how to do them. I am looking forward to working with her again in the next clinic. ~ Heather

I had the opportunity to attend a Marcie Morey clinic last Fall and feel this sets her apart from other clinicians: 1) Marcie spent a portion of the first day not only watching each of us ride to evaluate our skill level but also rode each participant's horse. It wasn't a one size fits all agenda but incorporated one-on-one time. 2)Marcie pushes you out of your comfort zone and isn't that why clinics are so helpful? I think she has an exceptional talent of evaluating horse and rider and recognizing their capability & potential. If the lesson hits a barrier or brace, she will quickly jump in the saddle to demonstrate her instruction. My horse is fairly new to me and we are still building our relationship. Marcie's clinic helped me with bit selection, consistency in gait and overall a new found trust. ~ Ellen F.

It has been a while now since the Gaited clinic in Weare, NH. I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed it. This was actually my first clinic so I was unsure of what to expect. I purposely waited to send this because I wanted to 'test'' the techniques you showed me. The manner in which you explain things is easy to understand. I had lots of questions, and you were open to them all. Thank you! I had two main goals going into this clinic. The first was to get my guy to Gait and the second was to work on spooking. The gaiting aspect seemed to be an immediate fix. I can't believe how easy it is to get him to gait now. The new bit certainly helped....WOW. The other aspect was 'spooking' on the trail. My guy typically would spook when we were alone. My fear was making him worse. I am happy to say that we are working on this with great progress. Again, thank you for teaching me so much not only about my horse, but also about myself! ~ Teresa B.

Having just attended Marcie's gaited clinic this past weekend, I am happy to share how delightful the entire workshop was. As an experienced rider with no experience on gaited horses, I thought she had great methods of describing the gaits and what the rider could do to help the horse physically produce them. She had great organization and a boundless energy and desire to help each rider at the level they were starting from. One of her many gifts is the ability to evaluate the rider and horse and provide very specific instruction based on both of their needs. She left her riders with enthusiasm and optimism for being able to begin to work with their horses in a positive manner. A wonderful learning experience. ~ Joanne B.

If you've ever wondered, "What was my horse thinking when he did that?" Marcie Morey has answers. Not only does she provide a relaxed learning environment, she allows everyone to achieve understanding through a sensible standpoint that includes the horse's mind and body. A holistic approach that any rider can apply regardless of their skill level. Marcie places focus on each and every rider individually, reassuring their understanding. Marcie wants all riders to be a team and partner with their horse. She leads the way with knowledge, understanding and love for the equine soul. We love you Marcie! ~ Tana E. and my forever partner, Shaynn.

I wanted to thank you for a great clinic!!!! You were very professional and took care of everybody, according to their needs at the time. Being a teacher myself I know how difficult it is to mix different needs and levels, trying to give everybody what they need. With people, you can tell them to wait and take that question later but, with horses you need to address what they do instantly or the lesson is lost.I learned a lot from what you taught me and watching how you dealt with other horses and riders too. I also want to thank you for taking all those questions outside the hours of the clinic, during dinner or other rest times. You never refused any questions. That was so generous on your part! Your clinic was also very important for me because since I trained my horse from his earlier days, I felt very validated in what I had done with him. Your evaluation gave me the confirmation that I had done good work with him in many aspects. That has been a shot in the arm to keep training with more enthusiasm. Thank you for that confidence! Again, thank you very much for a wonderful, productive, efficient, well run clinic! Bravo! I wish I lived closer to you! ~ Mireille

I thoroughly enjoyed the gaited clinic. I have been to numerous clinics and I think Marcie did a very good job. Her program was diversified and her knowledge of gaited horses extensive. I learned a lot. I hope to apply and practice what I learned and make my gaited horse less pacey. ~ Linda M.

Marcie, I think of you every time I ride Smokey. You made such a world of difference for us. You would be proud of him now. He gaits right along. I need to stay on my toes as we both tend to get a little lazy but he is so much fun!! This was thanks to your teaching skills and knowledge of horses. You put in so much energy and such long days [at the clinic]. Your techniques were so new to me and it was just what Smoke and I needed. Thank you so much! Love, Jeanne in Vermont

Dear horsecampsatottercreek.com
Marcie was really such a top professional!!! Being a teacher myself I do appreciate GOOD and effective instructors.... and she is just top of the line! She was able to engage everybody in AND out of the arena, making every situation into a learning experience. I learned so much from the moment I arrived and I saw Liz's horse inside the trailer with his foot out the window, and the older horse trying to drag Marcie around, while Liz was understandably running around trying to "save" her horse!!! I observed Marcie's emotionally calm yet with lot of well directed energy controlling the situation (and Liz!) and she immediately got my respect and admiration!!! I was glad I had come at that time!!! I took a lot of notes and reviewed them with Linda to keep the lessons on going.

Marcie answered all my questions and touched all the points I had emailed her. She also validated many of my own techniques as Jeremiah was able to perform at a very good level. The main problem was his right lead canter departure and Marcie was able to deal with it, but also she showed me what was needed for ME to do, and then how to help my horse achieving the task.

In short, this was a very very useful and practical clinic, done very professionally, dealing with riders with different needs, and horses with different mind sets too! It is very challenging to keep such a diverse group engaged and functioning.... she did it, and she did it very well, having to dedicate more time to those who needed it more at the moment it was needed. I would DEFINITELY love to take another clinic with her if she comes back! ~ Mireille

Dear horsecampsatottercreek.com
Well, I'm still dissecting all I learned @ the gaited horse clinic with the awesome instructor Marcie Morey. She certainly is educated in the knowledge of horsemanship. The information is priceless.Training on and off the horse was very informative. The simulation methods were absolutely awesome! That is until I was the horse behind the reins, then the horse (me) just lost it! I found out what the lead feels like to be a human with the bit in my hands/mouth. Its very similar to the dance I instruct and compete in. Posture, connection , timing, technique etc...

After being the horse in the simulation technique, I turned out an awful tough horse! Hopefully the horse in me now understands and will work on doing better for the future. Then constantly trying to make my horse go by squeezing my butt cheeks and legs was a little frustrating. I'm glad I was able to have Marcie examine Little Joe and I in the canter. That did make it a positive ending even though he wanted out of there and tried taking the lead to the gate. Lesson learned! I thought she delivered excellent information. Having a small group was good, it gave more hands on with technique.

Bottom line, I came out of this clinic with new technique with hopes of the horse training me to be a better director while on his back! Thanks so much for having the clinic and bringing Marcie to Otter Creek! ~Linda~

Hey Marcie - I wanted to thank you soooooo very much for the awesome class last week. I can't even begin to list everything I learned and am still learning from the class. As I practice and do things, it opens up even more doors and just makes my heart so full to see things 'work' and things between JR and I click. It is beautiful really. It was such an honor to work with you for two days and have the ability to pick your brain and get your direction on so many things. I appreciate that opportunity more than I can say!!!!!! ~ Chyrl D.~

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed you. Was so interesting. I love this stuff! ~ Anne Z.~

Well, it's beyond faith really. I keep saying what you have is a gift. It works, its proven and its amazing. Anyone who sees how it works and isn't wanting to learn more is closed minded and foolish in my opinion. My relationship with both my horses has improved beyond imagination, and I don’t even practice this as much as I should. Sadly, too few folks are not in tune with themselves, let alone of sufficient mental astuteness to tune in to their horses. ~ Chyrl D.~

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your clinic this past weekend. You did a wonderful job.

You explain complex ‘concepts’ in a manner that makes them “grasp-able” by breaking them into parts and pieces we can understand, and by giving meaningful examples and analogies. Using your horse models/statues is brilliant. You are also able to identify our personal horse/human ‘issues’ quickly, and get to the ‘meat’ of solution options without a great deal of ‘chatter’. This is a sign of vast experience, not only with horses but humans as well.

You are a good trainer and did exceptionally well this weekend, faced with the challenge of your multi-dimensional group. You were able to maintain everyone’s interest, and keep everyone happy. AMAZING. Seems every clinic I’ve ever been to has had someone who lost their ‘cool’ with the clinician and exhibited a little tantrum. Not so this weekend. How you guys (instructors) can spread yourselves so evenly between so many people (everyone wanting more! more! more! of you) is beyond my comprehension.

You have a tremendous gift. I feel very fortunate to have been one of your students.

Cannot thank you enough for your help (and great patience) with me and Summit this weekend. ~Bonnie B.~

I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to the relationship and communal bond of true horsemanship.

As a beginner (3 months) and at 50 years old I found you an invaluable asset to help me be safe and happy on and with my horse. It’s late in life but I have been able to fulfill the wish of having a horse and being confident with her. I am anxious to learn more and go farther. You have whetted my appetite and leave me anxious to learn more.

You have a true natural gift not only with horses but also in being able to communicate to your students on their own level whatever that may be. JOB WELL DONE! ~ Bonnie

I arrived home safely with pleasant memories dancing through my head. It did my heart good to see a young person so advanced in her horsemanship and teaching skills. She has the ability to break down a concept and teach it to people using various modalities (visual, audio, kinesthetic, etc.) in creative and fun ways while always making the students feel capable of learning.

I came to Marcie's clinic to update on the gaited horse world and was thrilled to find that she used classic dressage with deep understanding of the horse. I've been blessed to have trained with some of the best in this country and Europe since the age of 7, that's over half a century so, it is exciting to find a gem of a trainer in Marcie.

"I have to tell you that I think Marcie is a hidden secret. She does not have an ego which probably works against her but whoever chooses her as their trainer will have a true horsewoman & excellent instructor". ~ The Ole Horsewoman, Pat M.~ retired dressage & hunter competitor.

I went to Marcie's "Gaited Horses, Naturally" clinic with good friends last October. I was VERY skeptical about her natural horsemanship, snaffle bit approach to riding walking horses. As much as anything, I went just to have a fun horsy weekend with my friends.

Well, I left there a total Marcie fan. My 3-year-old Prize (who spent several months in Tennessee being trained last year) went from being high-headed, unpredictable, nervous, and short-strided behind, to being happy, relaxed and over striding in a D-ring snaffle (no curb chain or shanks) in only 3 days. By the time we finished at Marcie's he was flexing and bending and I could even stop him using only my seat, no reins. This clinic would be an excellent use of your time and money. ~ Kristin M.~

I would most definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who is struggling with trailer loading; whether it be the horse or human. Marcie did a superb job with my two horses. She also gave me much more confidence with loading and unloading them. I was deathly afraid of the horse trailer and I feel much more confident now. Marcie is very honest and will tell you exactly what she sees, and how to make things go more smoothly. Marcie tells you what you need to work on so you can progress and gain the confidence needed.

As far as the cost, I believe she charges less than what she should. I felt like in one day we accomplished more than I have in other 2-3 day clinics. My horses liked her, and she was able to pin point things about them without even really knowing them. She has a special way with the horses.
I recommend Marcie, and I will attend other clinics she holds. ~ Kerry K.~

I cannot say enough fabulous things about Marcie and her methods that do her justice properly. I would recommend her absolutely and without reservation. She conducted a trailer load class using my horse, and despite the collective belief that it would be an all day affair, at best, the reality was that my 'problem horse' was loading himself with just a very gentle and subtle 'ask' in a few short hours of working with her. In short, her methods work and the results are lasting. I could go on and on about what a positive turn that was for this horse, but suffice it to say that he's a better, happier and more relaxed animal now after that exercise than he's been all his life. ~ Chryl D.~